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Have an extraordinary idea and searching for a company that will rise up to the challenge? We work across all industries, providing top-notch services and custom solutions. Let’s see what we can create together!

Build a unique application with custom software

Tailor-made apps are designed to meet unique challenges. Leverage the full potential of custom development and achieve your goals faster. We provide business-centered projects tailored individually for each client. Our one-of-a-kind solutions captivate users and maximize business values. Create an exceptional application that goes hand in hand with your idea!

Enrich your business processes with our custom app development services

Define your brand through the unique approach and a feature-rich application. Choose the right strategy for your needs or consult our team to get expert advice!

Web & mobile app development

Mobile apps are expected to generate $935 billion in revenue by 2023 with more than 30,000 new apps released on App Store and Play Store every month. Make sure your application stands out from the competition – customize your product to guarantee it is second to none and watch your profits grow! Select from among our mobile, web, or cross-platform app development services for the best results.

Artificial Intelligence solutions

AI and machine learning are the ultimate game-changers for many businesses, as they facilitate work processes allowing entrepreneurs to leverage unique features with the new level of personalisation, provide higher security, and more. In the next 10 years, experts predict AI to contribute $15.7 trillion to the global economy. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! Rely on our Data Science, Machine Learning, and Computer Vision services and see that the future really is now.

Cloud computing & deployment

There are numerous benefits of deploying your self-hosted software to the Cloud. The most pressing ones are higher security and scalability for lower costs. Netflix, Instagram, Apple, Etsy, and many other global giants use cloud computing for their processes, so what’s stopping you? Whether you are looking to build a Cloud-friendly app from scratch or you want to deploy your existing software to the Cloud, you’ve come to the right place!

Ideation & Strategy

We are certain your idea is fantastic, now it’s time to make sure it’s also profitable! Our Digital Transformation and Legacy App Modernisation services will update your product according to the latest industry standards, making it loved and used by many. Our Product Strategy and Research & Development team will take care of releasing your app in the right time to the right people. Trust Miquido experts and let your business grow!

Product Design

Not quite sure if your idea meets the latest market tendencies? Our product strategy team can take care of that thanks to in-depth market research and expert consulting services. Need to create an engaging yet intuitive solution that will enchant your audience? Our UX/UI designs captivate users from the first glance! Or we can carry out a series of personalised workshops to help you finalise the vision of your product in accordance with market needs – you name it!

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Custom app development

Are you not 100% certain that legacy software modernisation will do the trick for you? Try custom app development instead and start fresh! With a custom application created individually for your needs and requirements, you can rest assured that it will do exactly what you intended it to do. Drive more customers, grow your revenue, and leave competitors far behind!

Still not sure if custom app development is right for you?

Make sure you check our Frequently Asked questions before you make up your mind! Or better yet – talk to one of our experts and let’s find the best solution for your situation!

Custom development is also known as bespoke, or tailor-made software. It refers to the process of designing software applications to address a specific need within a specific group of users. Unlike more traditional development solutions, custom-made applications are designed with your unique business goals and needs in mind, saving you the trouble of adjusting your operations to the offered functionality of a pre-developed software product.
At our company, before proceeding to the development process, we take our time to learn about your values and key expectations from the product you want us to create and base all our suggestions on an extensive market and user research, so you can be certain that the selection of features you’ll receive in the end will be the right fit.
The question you probably have in mind is “Will paying for the development of a custom app turn out to be more expensive than opting in for a pre-developed solution?”. The short answer is: “Yes, at least in the short run”.
Because in the long run, the costs of adapting to predefined software, the costs of integration, scaling up etc. might prove to be higher. Or it might even be that the money put into deployment of this solution will be just thrown away if the software isn’t able to meet some crucial requirements.
The bottom line is that the overall cost of a project is a highly individual matter, as it depends on a variety of factors, such as the number and nature of some specific features you want to include, the amount of people involved, the country where your software agency is based, and many others. We explain the detailed process of calculating the estimated price of app development in this article, so make sure to check it out for more details.
There’s no universal answer to this question, as the core idea behind bespoke software is that it’s tailored just for you. So, technically, it could have all the benefits you require to address your current issues. But let’s be more specific.
We’ve already covered some key benefits of custom app development, such as better resource management, higher optimisation, personalised automation, or significantly greater brand engagement. However, the list doesn’t end here! Among other things, custom software can help you:
  • Improve collaboration & productivity at your workplace
  • Access the required data regardless of the size
  • Secure your solution from digital fraud
  • Maximise the effectiveness of the technology you use;
  • Scale with ease, regardless of the architecture;
  • … and many, many more!
Custom solutions are made with purpose. They are well thought out and they exist to address pre-defined challenges. At the same time, the nature of customer applications allows for alterations, modifications, and scalability, if the future demands it. Basically, you go with custom software when you know exactly what you want, at least for the time-being.
Instead, if your business is in the very beginning of its journey and you are not quite sure about your market, audience, and potential challenges, off-the-shelf applications written with pre-existing frameworks may just be enough.
At Eminence Infotech, we always try to get to know the client and their product vision before settling on a course of the development process. So if you’re in doubt, don’t worry. We’ll hear you out and advise you on the best-fitting solution for your unique situation.
We live during a time when competition is fierce. Every business swears to be the best. Here are some ways to choose a company that will help you succeed:
  • Check references. While quite an obvious one, many people tend to skip this step, attracted by low prices or bright visuals. Marketing is good, but try asking around on platforms like Clutch, that actually verify their reviewers and provide valuable insights;
  • Meet the team. Or at least some people representing the team. You don’t need to become best friends, but your app developers will be your business partners for at least a few months – you need to make sure you’ll get along before committing to a project;
  • Meet the team. There are software agencies of all shapes and sizes out there. Do you need something unique and complex or will a simple template-based app do? Are you looking for a one-stop service or is there a specific aspect of your product you’d like to work on at the moment? What is your budget? Ask yourself all these questions and more and try to find a vendor that fits your list the best;
  • Research them. Have an eye for a certain company already? Take a look at their portfolio and check the technology they use. You don’t need to be aguru of software development yourself, but at least this way you’ll be sure they know what they are talking about. Ask yourself if you like their style, their area of expertise, their approach to clients – all of these can become critical issues if overlooked in the very beginning;
  • Ask questions. This is the final and the most important advice – transparent communication goes both ways. A development company will not be able to honestly tell you if they are the right fit for your product idea unless you share it with them. Don’t be afraid to talk, to ask questions, and to receive guidance. We always want our clients to succeed, so we can only assume it’s the same for the other agencies.

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