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Whether your idea is ready to be implemented or still needs polishing, applying our solutions can make the way towards the final product faster and more cost-effective. Eminence Infotech is a full-service tech partner, which means that we can take care of your solutions at any stage and help you not only with ideation & strategy but also with product development and growth.

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Achieve the desired outcome through a series of customer-tailored workshop solutions. Let’s partner up to improve your effectiveness and shape your idea so that it is ready for the market!

Design Sprint

It takes more than just a great concept to develop a successful product. Our workshops can speed up this process without cutting any corners. Starting from the problem definition and implementation of UX knowledge to respond to user needs and demands, through brainstorming and generating ideas, to prototyping – all these phases with just one goal in mind: your project’s success. In 5 days, we will lead you through the fun and fruitful creative process of Design Thinking. Get on board!

Product Strategy

Skipping the detailed strategy definition and verification of your vision is a rookie mistake that may sabotage your project. Only through a thorough risk assessment, market analysis, goal definition, and research of user needs, can you discover the full potential of your business ideas. We will ensure you have the right insights and tools to help guarantee that there aren’t any setbacks during the implementation process.

MVP Definition

Knowing your users’ needs is the first step towards an innovative solution that has the potential to revolutionise the market. But to pave the way for the revolution, you will need a well-defined Minimum Viable Product. We do that by prioritising the most demanded features and choosing the appropriate technology for your solution. Trust our product experts to choose the most optimal set of features for your project and stand out from the crowd in style.

Building a Prototype

To see things clearly, you’ll need a clickable prototype. That’s the best way to avoid mistakes and inconsistencies on the way and give an idea a physical shape in the early stages of production. We do it through sketching, discussion, and defining must-have features. With our workshops, you can be directly involved in the process, making sure that all your suggestions are heard and concerns are addressed in a timely and professional manner.

Product Scalability

The end of one phase can be a great beginning of another! If you ever decide to scale up or are interested in the ongoing growth of your product – our workshops can help you determine which direction to go and which heights to conquer first. Just schedule a session with our team of product design experts for insightful advice and an individual approach.

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Custom app development

Custom app development is one of Eminence Infotech's key domains. We create tailor-made apps that resonate with the workflow and speak to your company’s values. We are familiar with the biggest disadvantages of pre-developed products, so we want to implement unique solutions that make a difference. Go with custom app development if you are looking for increased efficiency and security, as well as perfect adjustment of an existing software ecosystem.

Not sure if our workshops will be right for you?

Browse through our Frequently Asked Questions and clear your doubts once and for all! And if you can’t find your question there – don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

We organise our workshops so that they are tailored personally for each client’s needs. This means that there’s no universal price for such an event. However, an approximate value can be calculated based on the number of people involved from our side, the time the workshop session is going to take, and the scope of the project you’d like to define. To get an estimated pricing, try reaching out to us directly and sharing your expectations from the workshop you’re considering.
The main purpose of our workshops is to help you get a better understanding of what we could achieve while working together on your project. That’s why, before coming to the workshop, it is usually a good practice to discuss the idea with the team and settle your main objectives/expectations from the process itself and your product. This way you will have more time to spend on more practical tasks during the actual workshop meeting. We will be able to advise you on some industry-specific practices and solutions, but at the end of the day, it is your project so we want you to have a final say in the process.
Strictly speaking, there is no set limit. However, if you want to maximise the effectiveness of the meeting and to hit that sweet spot of mutual productivity, we recommend keeping the amount of people involved in one workshop between 6-10 participants. This way, everyone has enough personal space and attention to comfortably share their ideas and questions. Keep in mind that the total number of the participants includes both expert-representatives from Miquido and your representatives responsible for the project.
Yes! The workshop can take place at your office, directly at Miquido HQ, or there is also a possibility to organise remote workshops. We use online software that facilitates communication and performing exercises. So don’t worry if you’re across the world from us – we’ll make it all happen! The only request we have for you in order to properly leverage all the potential of our remote workshops is to have a good Internet connection and use a laptop or a PC (not a mobile phone) during the meeting.

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