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Travel app design & software development

Do you want to build a mobile app that will transform the travel and tourism industry? You’re in the right place! We’ve worked with globally recognised brands, like Skyscanner and TUI, so you can rest assured that we’ve got the skills, expertise, and technology to help you develop a travel app of tomorrow.

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We specialise in building custom web & mobile solutions for travel agencies, the hospitality sector, and independent tourism ventures. Learn how we can help your business!

Software for travel agencies & operators

If your job is to get people to their dream destinations and long-awaited holidays, ours is to help you do just that with less effort. We know what features the most successful tour operators rely on and what functionalities your customers are looking for. From internal agency processes automation to virtual assistants for your clients – all you need to do is share your vision for the future of the travel industry, and we’ll get you there.

Travel planning & management

Independent tourists need help planning, organising, and keeping track of their travel routes, so they often opt-in for an agency’s services instead. If you have an idea for an application or a platform that will serve as a personal digital travel operator and will allow removing the third party out of the equation – we’ll be happy to help you bring it to life. With features like instant booking, expense tracking, itinerary planning, and more, everyone can be a traveler!

Hospitality software development

Thanks to technology, people can now have a complete hotel or restaurant overview at their fingertips! We’ll help you develop an application that facilitates property selection and management, all from a single platform. Integrate your solution with third-party services, add voice chats and digital assistants for the process to run smoother, provide invaluable tips and advice to your guests, and watch your business grow!

Ticketing & transportation

Manage your plane, train, or even good-old faithful city bus tickets in one place thanks to a smart transportation app. Provide city-wide digital access to museums, galleries, and other cultural places of interest. Replace physical cards, talons, and print-outs with a single application! Let’s build a solution that will make traveling a pleasant stress-free solution and allow users to store all the important information right in front of them.

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Custom travel application development

You might have already seen many ready-made solutions for mediocre travel apps. What we offer is anything but ordinary! Opt-in for custom software for the tourism industry and impress the world with a truly unique product tailored specifically to your vision and your customers’ needs. Sound like something you’d be interested in?

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Travel and tourism applications help users manage their trips and leisure by facilitating destination research, accommodation booking, itinerary planning, in-city transportation, etc. Some examples of well-known travel apps are, TripAdvisor, Kayak, or even your local public transport ticketing solution!
To build successful tourism and hospitality software, you need to make sure it addresses the direct needs of your clients. The best way to do this is to ensure it has some of the most in-demand features, such as:
  • Booking management
  • Customisation
  • Payment management
  • Third-party integration
  • Multi-currency & multi-language support
  • Process automation
  • Travel inventory tracking
  • Report generation
  • Travel CRM functionality
  • Backoffice support & maintenance
At the end of the day, you’re the one who decides what your audience really needs and how to deliver it to them in the most efficient way possible.
While there’s no universal answer to this question, there are several ways to estimate an approximate tourism software development timeframe. Based on the complexity of your overall idea, its current stage, and the number of features you’d like to implement, the entire process usually takes your developer around 3 months to complete. However, there are always exceptions and examples of projects that took less or more time to be released to the market. Make sure to check out this article for more information.
Similarly to the time estimation for a given project, it is difficult to prepare the expected quotation without learning the current stage of your application and its scope. You can read more about the application development pricing here.
Every software developer of your travel project might have their own approach to the development process. Here’s an example of the steps we take at Eminence Infotech:
  • Learning your business needs, verifying your idea with real users, estimating the scope of the project.
  • Specifying the details through the series of tailored Data, Product or Strategy workshops, where we learn more about your unique needs and expectations.
  • Bringing your idea to life through app design and development. As a rule, it takes us around 3 months to complete the minimum viable product ready for the market release.
  • Delivering your travel app to users and collecting more valuable feedback straight from the source.
  • Establishing long-term partnerships with ongoing maintenance, support, and updates if needed.
Yet, once again, we’d like to highlight the fact that we approach each client and every project individually, so your own experience with us may differ from the generalised approach described above.

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