Custom software development services to support bold business visions

Focus on the big picture and let us take care of the details. From business strategy based on deep market research to the most advanced tech – go with our versatile software development company and turn your idea into a cutting-edge solution. All in one place.

All-in-one development services for business leaders

Looking for a reliable partner to guide you through the entire software development process? What if we told you that you can get strategy, design and development services – all from one agency? At Miquido, we like to keep things simple. We answer business challenges with custom-made software. Instead of managing separate vendors, you can focus on the important part – your business.

Our custom software development services

Ideation & Strategy

Product StrategyDigital TransformationLegacy App ModernisationResearch and Development

Craft state-of-the-art digital products, create winning strategies and make room for innovation in your business. We offer our Ideation and Strategy services to shape your visions into exceptional products and take your business to the next level. Choose our Digital Transformation and Legacy App Modernisation services to refresh outdated software and ineffective processes. Go for Product Strategy or Research and Development to create innovative products that will take the market by storm.

Product Design

UX designUI designProduct StrategyWorkshops

Create beautiful, brand-aware applications that focus on your users and bring in revenue at the same time. We offer UX/UI design and consulting services to help you craft an app that is both a delight to use and a wonder to look at. With our team of experienced UX and UI designers you can create an extraordinary, user-centered application that puts you ahead of your competitors and helps you reach new, deeply engaged customers.

Web & mobile development


Support your business with custom software development services. Choose our end-to-end web and mobile development to create winning strategies, release excellent digital products, win more users, and achieve your long-term goals. Regardless of your company’s size or your tech knowledge, we will advise you on the best approach to meet your needs specifically and we will make sure you get the best mobile and web solutions to back up your product strategy.

Artificial Intelligence

Data ScienceMachine LearningComputer VisionVoice Assistants & Chatbots

Embrace modern technology with AI-based solutions for business. With custom Artificial Intelligence software, you can enrich your mobile and web applications, improve customer service and automate your business processes. Use the power of Data Science to gather in-depth business insights that help you plan ahead and predict upcoming opportunities. Use our Machine Learning, Computer Vision, or Voice Assistants and Chatbots development to gain a competitive advantage and facilitate your internal business operations.

Cloud Services

Cloud App DevelopmentCloud DeploymentAWS Cloud DevelopmentGoogle Cloud Development

Create scalable, secure and lightweight applications that run in the cloud. By going for a cloud-based app development, you ensure your product’s airtight security, dependability and top-notch performance. We offer Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and AWS services to help you move your existing digital products to the cloud, or create cloud-based applications from scratch.

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Our technologies for industries

With Eminence Infotech you can build your custom ecommerce application from scratch. The solutions we create for online stores are secure, modern, and tailored to our clients’ individual needs. As a result, you get a top-performing, scalable ecommerce app that is ready to handle millions of your customers worldwide.

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