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Looking for a product design strategy that will make your audience fall in love with your product? Eminence Infotech is called a full-service software house for a reason! With us, you can be sure your project will receive all the necessary attention every step of the way, from extensive market research to ongoing maintenance upon release. See for yourself!

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Product strategy consulting

We will help you to clarify your product vision and apply our industry experience to advise you on winning strategies. To ensure that your idea meets the objectives, our team will provide you with the best recommendations on business goals, market needs and the best-fitting technical solutions. We will carry out an extensive competitive analysis, share our business and market insights, and provide you with detailed roadmap recommendations for further development of your product.


We’ll boost productivity by gathering all the people involved in the project in one room. Through a series of goal-oriented exercises, workshops provide an opportunity for a team of experts to swiftly find answers to all product-related questions, from business idea evaluation to prototype creation or a redefinition of the product’s scope. It’s an entertaining and engaging, yet also a highly productive, way to exchange ideas, set goals, discuss all the potential product-related issues in real-time, and more.

User Experience Design

We will transform your idea into a seamless user experience. We base our assumptions on an iterative process of prototyping and validating ideas with feedback from real users and usability testing. We strive to define the right set of features that will deliver the most value for your users. We will help you define the most fitting user personas and flows to ensure your app is engaging and intuitive.

User Interface Design

We’ll make sure your users are enchanted by the way your app looks and feels. We create intuitive web and mobile applications, enhancing your brand identity with unique motion designs. Our UI professionals increase your product’s market recognition and apply the best recognition patterns to your app, making people feel as if they already know the interface. Whether you’re looking for a clean fresh look, or if it is a more advanced solution with voice user interface and gamification, we’ve got you covered!

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Custom product design services

Are you worried about your app design or unsure if it is the right fit for the current market? We’ve got you! Thanks to our product design and strategy consulting, you can rest assured that your product will fit right in.At Eminence Infotech, we don’t have a magic recipe when it comes to product design, or web & mobile app development. Instead, we approach each case individually because we want you to have exactly what you requested with unique features, out-of-the-box solutions, and non-standard appearances.If you are looking for a solution that will take the market by storm – you’ve come to the right place!

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See the Frequently Asked Questions we get and if you still haven’t found your answer:

Having a proper design can make a mediocre product seem outstanding, while a poorly executed vision can destroy even the greatest idea. Design often becomes a decisive factor when it comes to competition, price, and product placement. This is true about the absolute majority of products nowadays, but the term “product design” holds a very special place in the web and mobile development industry in particular.
By definition, product design is the process of identifying, creating and testing the product’s ability to meet a given market need and to solve a specific user problem. Therefore, it is not just about creating an attractive look for your application. Product design is responsible for addressing the app’s functionality and potential. As such, it refers to the complex process of strategising, defining key goals, researching the market, creating prototypes, and testing their effectiveness.
User experience design is the process of designing products that are easy to use and pleasant to interact with. Thanks to UX, brands hope to enhance the experience people would have with their product, hence providing higher value to the customer. UX design is a term equally applicable to both physical and digital products.
For a user experience design to be successful, it needs to take into account all the aspects of the product that may be important to the potential user. Therefore, it goes beyond simple usability and accessibility, but also takes into consideration emotional components, like how beautiful, functional, and overall appealing the final product is to the people who would be interacting with it.
In order to build an application with a great UX design, designers, developers and marketers need to empathise with the customer and do their best for their product to reflect on the most common problems that may occur in their lives and provide effective solutions.
Often confused with UX, UI design is simply a graphical layout of a product. This term is more common among developers, since user interface design refers to the process of building interfaces for computerised devices. UI design consists of the screen layout, transitions, clickable buttons on the page, the text and image positioning, and the rest of the items a user can interact with.
There are three formats in which users can interact with UI: Graphic UI – visual representations of the digital control panels (e.g. your computer’s desktop with all the icons) Voice-controlled UI – these solutions allow users to interact with the device with their voice (e.g. Siri, Alexa, Bixby, and other smart assistants) Gesture-based UI – it allows users to engage with the virtual design spaces through bodily motions (e.g. VR games).
The most important features of a good UI design are usability, predictability and likeability – people want these designs to be intuitive and their experience to be seamless. Think about why most logos are located in the top-left corner of a web page. Furthermore, user interface needs to clearly communicate brand identity and value.
Simply put, UI design is an essential component of a more complex UX design process. Both user interface and user experience primarily focus on improving overall customer satisfaction with a product and, consequently, a brand.
However, while UX relates to the overall interaction and experience users have with a product and often requires detailed understanding of customer behaviour, UI is dedicated to specific assets of the same product, like colours or typography.
Let’s take a typical mobile application as an example. Here, UX will be responsible for the general experience a user has with the app (e.g. if the interface is responsive, if the platform is easy to navigate, if it is fully functional, if it is pleasant to interact with, etc). At the same time, UI will focus on the likeability of the application (e.g. whether the colors used in the mobile version reflect on the brand, if the layout of the app is understandable, how easy it is to find different elements on the page, etc).

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